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Dr. Cornelius (“Conny”) Boersch is an entrepreneur, business angel and founder of numerous technology companies. Conny is considered one of the best-connected networkers in the tech and start-up scene. He is the founder of the global company builder Mountain Partners AG and drives its strategy as executive chairman.

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Throughout the years Conny has spoken on many relevant topics of the 21st century, reflecting on how the digital revolution will change the world and our lives. He has also published several books on politics, business and leadership.

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Conny Boersch Mountain Partners Founder

As a global company builder headquartered in Zurich (Switzerland), Mountain Partners manages more than 130 investments in the sectors of E-Commerce & Services, Technology & Security, Digital Payment & Fintech. As the digital revolution reaches more sectors and markets, Mountain Partners selects, builds and develops young, disruptive technology companies.

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Have a look at Conny’s most recent appearances in media.

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