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Dr. Cornelius (“Conny”) Boersch is an entrepreneur, business angel and founder of numerous technology companies. Conny is considered one of the best-connected networkers in the tech and start-up scene. He is the founder of the global company builder Mountain Partners AG and drives its strategy as executive chairman. Conny initiated the Unternehmertag at Tegernsee, one of the most exclusive conferences in Europe and regularly holds speeches at universities or tech events all over the world. As a business angel, he has invested in more than 300 companies since 1995 and was voted “European Business Angel of the Year” in 2009.

As an entrepreneur, he initiated the stock-listed RFID-based companies ACG, Smartrac and Identiv as well as the cashless payment systems provider Sandpiper. For his activities he was named “Entrepreneur of the Year” in 2000. Politically, Conny acted as advisor to Dr. Guido Westerwelle, former president of the German Liberal Party, FDP, Vice-Chancellor and Foreign Minister of Germany from 2009 to 2012. He studied at the European Business School in Oestrich-Winkel and earned his Ph.D. from the University of Essen with a thesis on venture capital and investing. He later also acted as honorary professor and held lectures at the University of Essen. Conny Boersch continues to hold close ties to the European Business School (EBS), support the university actively and supports several spin-off startups from EBS. He was also the sponsor of the first internet chair at a German university.

Conny’s vision is to guide the digital disruption of all sectors in the right direction in order to empower all stakeholders in the digitalized world. Conny embodies the ultimate can-do attitude and is committed to a hands-on approach in his support of startups, creating long-lasting and close relationships with their founders. Conny is also passionate about flying and spends most of his free time as a pilot, flying over the European Alps.

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Conny at the Headquarters of his first company ACG in Wiesbaden.

Choose your priorities carefully


Conny has dedicated the last 28 years of his life to the technological advancement and digitalization of the world we live in. As serial-entrepreneur and angel investor he has developed processes to determine early on, which ventures have a chance at success and which don’t. Being invested in nearly all relevant mega trends of the twenty-first century from security, e-commerce, virtual reality, fintech, insurtech, artificial intelligence and blockchain, Conny has developed a deep understanding of disruptive forces.

EIF European Investment FundConny is a certified Super Angel

“EAF is an initiative advised by EIF which provides equity to Business Angels and other non-institutional investors for the financing of innovative companies in the form of co-investments. EAF works hand in hand with Business Angels and helps them to increase their investment capacity by co-investing into innovative companies in the seed, early or growth stage. The activity of EAF is adapted to the Business Angels‘ investment style by granting the highest degree of freedom in terms of decision making and management of investments.

EAF has a current volume of EUR 320m, with more than EUR 200m already committed to some 80 selected Business Angels which have already built a portfolio of more than 340 SMEs co-investments.”

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Lessons Learned Conny Boersch
  • Invest later for a safer deal and earlier for a greater return
  • For great deals you have to bring something to the table
  • Focus on customer acquisition cost and lifetime value
  • You have to actively look for exits
  • Look at the jockey, not at the horse
  • Invest in people, network and technology.
  • Choose your co-investors carefully
  • Don’t invest alone – team up
  • Just investing is not enough, you have to be an active coach
  • Deadflow is the key to success
  • In technology timing is key
  • You have to reinvent your Business model
  • Look more carefully at the KPIs and be close to the company
  • There is a thin line between vision and hallucination
  • It is only the same people that bring good deals
  • Pure VC doesn’t work
  • Avoid hype deals – lemming effect
  • Megatrend internationalization
  • To be successful over long periods of time is difficult
  • 90% of companies do not meet their business plans
  • Entry valuations are important (only think you can influence)
  • Only number 1 or 2 will survive
  • Make smart contracts

A selection of Conny’s most successful investments

Conny’s main new investments of the last 3 years


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