Conny’s Life Politics

Conny is an active member of the FDP – liberal democratic party of Germany. Organizing events and political discussions for FDP, Conny has become a close friend of the party over the past twenty years. Since then Dr. Cornelius Boersch has served as advisor to high-ranking politicians in Germany, consulting people such as former Vice Chancellor and Minister for Foreign Affairs of the German Federal Republic on economic matters and international relations.

Conny Boersch mit Guido Westerwelle beim Unternehmertag am Tegernsee

Conny Boersch with Guido Westerwelle at Tegernsee (former leader of the liberal democratic party and vice chancellor to the Federal Republic of Germany)

The time between 2001 and 2012 marks Conny’s most active years in politics. He supported the party through his network and was responsible for the organization of the electoral campaign of 2009, during which the party was elected into the government in a coalition with the CDU (led by Angela Merkel).

Dr. Boersch is known for his support of a level-playing field and open political discourse, from which democracy at large will benefit. Therefore he is acquainted with the most important political thought leaders across the globe, regardless of their party affiliations, resulting in close ties and friendships with not only liberal party members such as Guido Westerwelle, but also social political leaders such as Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg, Christian Lindner and Philipp Rösler. Political guests who frequented Dr. Boersch’s annual Unternehmertag also include former President of the German Federal Republic Joachim Gauck, Roland Koch, Gregor Gysi, Joschka Fischer and foreign politicians such as Yanis Varoufakis, former Minister of Finance to Greece.

His core competence is to advise politicians on economics, digitalization and entrepreneurship. He continues to shape politics through his influence in the business world not alone in Europe but also in Asia and the Americas.

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