Over the years, Conny has built an extensive network, spanning all continents and including personalities in politics, business, science and philanthropy. The annual Mountain Partners Unternehmertag serves as a framework to stay in touch for this exclusive circle of influential friends. The next Unternehmertag will take place on March 28, and 29 2019. In addition to Unternehmertag, Conny also organizes an annual ski trip for his closest friends and takes part in his Angel club’s events (Angelgate).

Mountain Partners Unternehmertag am Tegernsee

The Unternehmertag is Dr. Cornelius Boersch’s highly exclusive, by-invitation-only network event. Now in its 13th iteration, the event brings together the most influential personalities from business, economics, politics and entertainment. The Unternehmertag has become an established brand in the European digital and private equity scene and increasingly garners international attention not only for its illustrious participant list, but also its unique combination of renowned speakers.

Unternehmertag am Tegernsee Angelgate

Conny is the co-founder of Angelgate, a closed network for Super Angels and families. The club provides family office services to its members and supports them in all their startup investment activities. Three times a year, Angelgate invites its members to highly exclusive meetups where investors, entrepreneurs and family offices can network in a premium setting and invest in hand-picked startups.

Connys Skiing Event - Unternehmertag

Conny’s annual ski event takes place in early December. For 24 years Conny has invited his 70 closest friends and business partners to Sölden, Austria for four days of skiing and networking. The event is known to be a highlight every year and anticipated greatly by all participants.